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Español - We optimize your Excel Spreadsheets - Automate the spreadsheets used in your business Are you aware of how much time you can save and the productivity raise that you could obtain through the development of a well-defined Excel Spreadsheet?
How many times, when working with an Excel Spreadsheet, you realize that it is not being efficient, you cannot find the appropriate operations and do not know the functions to satisfy your needs? - Outsourcing service for your spreadsheets offers you to automate the spreadsheets used in your business through outsourcing service; this way you will save time and optimize the functions of this tool, through:

Spreadsheets that extract information from Databases
Data extraction from MSSQL or MySQL database, directly to an Excel spreadsheet.
Creation of customized management reports with graphics, pivot tables, Excel’s built in or custom formulas, among others. - Contact Us for Data Extraction from Databases For more details Contact Us
Spreadsheets that extract information from Web Pages
Creation of customized spreadsheets using macro commands in Visual Basic (VBA) that can connect to a specific website and extract important information that is constantly updated (i.e. currency conversion, finance, stock indicators).
With the extracted data and using Excel's tools, your spreadsheet will be always up to date. - Contact Us for Data Extraction from Web Pages For more details Contact Us
Custom spreadsheets and creation of new functions for your specific needs
Optimization of spreadsheets through Excel’s built in formulas.
Coding of customized solutions using macro commands in Visual Basic (VBA).
We study the logics and content of your Excel spreadsheets in order to optimize them. - Contact Us for Custom spreadsheets For more details Contact Us - Spreadsheet Outsourcing services
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